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The FamilyIQ Test

familyIQ testDiscover your unique FamilyIQ score and take advantage of our one-of-a-kind tools to help strengthen all your family relationships.
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Parent Coaching

parent coachingJoin the ranks of our Certified Parent Coaches and become a lasting positive impact on the lives of others.
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Troubled Teen Help

Parents of Troubled Teens need specific help to break the cycle of problem behavior, attitude and manipulation. FamilyIQ has been providing solutions to thousands of parents for over a decade.
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Custom Learning Plan

customized learning planGenerated by your answers to the FamilyIQ Test, an easy-to-follow plan becomes the manual for raising a family that you have always wanted.
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FamilyIQ Store

FamilyIQ StoreExperience the wide world of FamilyIQ in the online store and discover how we are changing the world by strengthening families.
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Your Family Brand

Your family brandGain a unifying power to build pride, shape behavior and draw closer together by creating your very own family brand and logo. Learn More...

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