About Us

The FamilyIQ Story

Founded by Mark Hobbins in 2001, FamilyIQ has helped thousands of people throughout the world strengthen their families as they improve their own personal, partner and parenting skills. FamilyIQ has received recognition and numerous awards, including The Society of Technical Communication Excellence Award for its online courses.  Offered for the last 15 years, primarily through therapists and treatment programs, FamilyIQ’s life-changing and family strengthening program is now being offered directly to the general public.

Why we do it

For more than 25 years, Mark has helped families whose children had gone too far down the road of self-defeating and even self-destructive behaviors—families who needed intervention to rescue their child and heal their family. “While that was very gratifying, “Mark states, “I often wondered how many of these families could have been spared the heartache pain and costly intervention they had experienced.” This motivation became the genesis of FamilyIQ’s wellness and prevention mission.

What We Do

Mark created FamilyIQ with a mission of building stronger and more fulfilling families today. To accomplish this, he believed that parents and families needed instruction and knowledge far beyond the basic articles available in magazines and on the Internet.  Mark wanted to excel both in the quality of the content and its delivery to the consumer.

With more than two decades of success in helping families and with the help of an esteemed group of experts, FamilyIQ content has gained a reputation of excellence.  Over 1.5 million dollars has been invested and over 700,000 courses and tests have been taken by satisfied consumers who have gained more effective parenting skills, improved relationships and happier families as a result.