Our Founder

Mark Hobbins believes in families and knows something about how to improve them. As the father of seven and as the co-founder of the largest private for-profit organization in the world that assists troubled youth and their families, Mark led his initial company from a small beginning in 1990 to become the most respected name in clinical intervention for youth treatment and family dysfunction. He has appeared on, or consulted with, numerous television shows that focused on struggling families. These include the "Brat Camp" series, "Britain's Youngest Boozers," "Teenagers Out of Control," "A&E Intervention," "Tyra Banks," and the "Dr. Phil Show."

Mark has also been asked for his expert opinion by media organizations such as CBS, NBC, "People" magazine, the "Wall Street Jounral," "Forbes," the "Los Angles Times," and the "New York Times."

Determined to prevent rather than to treat, and to teach rather than deal with crisis, Mark developed FamilyIQ, the first online resource offering interactive eLearning courses to help parents improve their parenting skills and strengthen their family. Since its inception in 2001, hundreds of thousands of tests, workbooks, and courses have been delivered via the Internet to committed parents all over the world, desiring to strengthen their homes and family. Numerous awards for innovative content and delivery have been given to FamilyIQ as well as the distinction of being integrated into many of the nation's top therapeutic treatment programs for youth. Educational institutions, insurance organizations, and private therapists across the country have found FamilyIQ to be an invaluable tool in effecting positive change.

Mark’s vision of helping families improve by going from good to great is being realized at parents and families in over 30 countries are using FamilyIQ products and resources. FamilyIQ’s customers are spanning the globe who are now armed with the tools and insights to make deep interpersonal connections with their partners, children and families. There is help and hope for every parent who has ever wondered why they did not receive a manual for marriage and family relationships! FamilyIQ is known for changing families for the better; why not let it change yours?