Mission and Vision


The mission of FamilyIQ is to empower individuals and parents to improve their personal, partnering, and parenting skills in order to build stronger and more effective families.


Our vision is to change the world one family at a time. FamilyIQ is a value-driven company.  We believe that values that are nurtured, promoted and upheld can motivate positive behavior and foster unity. Our core values are multi-faceted: meaning that they apply to us as individuals, families and as an organization.



We believe that the Family is the foundation of all great societies.  Families come in various sizes and styles and each one has the capacity for love, respect and appreciation.  Our organization is a family and every member is needed and important. We aim to sponsor a culture of unity with our employees, members, and customers.


Trust is the foundation of all healthy relationships.  In families and in business, we strive to foster relationships based on earning trust with each other.  This is done in part by keeping commitments, respecting one another and living with integrity.  FamilyIQ will work tirelessly to not only earn but always keep the trust of our families, business partners, members, employees and customers.


We believe that trust leads to loyalty.  We believe that loyalty is the key to profitability and growth in a business and in relationships.  Our goal is to foster loyalty with our families, business partners, members, employees and customers.


Growth is a by-product of treating others like family, earning and keeping their trust and nurturing lifelong loyal relationships.  Growth is inevitable as we live our values.  We believe that FamilyIQ will grow to be a world-wide organization as we live our values and provide our products to those like minded individuals who share our values.