One Minute Overview

What is FamilyIQ?

FamilyIQ began 15 years ago by offering state-of-the-art family skill-building tools to treatment programs and therapists who wanted to improve family relationships.  Over the last decade and a half, FamilyIQ has provided its content, tools and technology available to not only the therapeutic community, but also to large employers and wellness programs who likewise are dedicated to improving families.  Today, after thousands have requested it our unique and proprietary content is now available directly to the public… to you.


Now you can take advantage of the noble and effective programs that have made FamilyIQ an international phenomenon.  No matter the type or size of your family we promise to provide you with life changing tools, technology and skill building resources that will benefit you for decades.  You and your Family are worth every investment and we are here to deliver it. 

What is the FamilyIQ?

We provide nationally acclaimed online tools to help struggling families get better and good families become great! Check out what makes FamilyIQ a truly unique and why over 700,000 courses and assessments have been taken:

  • A product that strengthens you and your family.
  • Electronically delievered products: fun to use and engaging at every level so you get the most out of it.

Through FamilyIQ, you have access to the most state of the art skill building material that your partner and children with thank you for using for years to come. Use FamilyIQ products to improve your important relationships 

What are the Products?

The FamilyIQ system consists of proprietary tools and technology that empowers parents and families to make dramatic and rewarding improvements while having fun together. We get our name from our nationally acclaimed assessment known as the FamilyIQ Test.  This assessment measures nine key components of family functioning and provides you with a customized step-by-step plan to learn and build skills that will strengthen your family.  Some of our tools are online courses, tests, articles, activity sheets, audio lectures, seminars, workshops, and the list goes on.  We like to say, “It’s the manual for raising a family that you never received!”