Customized Learning Plan

The MyFamilyIQ customized learning plan is the result of your responses to the MyFamilyIQ Assessment Test, which measures nine key components for an effective family.  As you progress through your learning plan, you’ll receive customized suggestions under each of the components that will take you to greater levels of skill and understanding. The learning plan will show you how easy and fun it is to take your family from good to great. Each of the nine components has associated courses, assessments, articles, activities, and audio-visual resources.  Once you complete any of the suggested resources, another suggestion in that category will be made available for your further learning and development.  The goal is to improve your awareness, knowledge, and skills associated with each of the nine key components.  We believe that parenting is a lifelong process and the acquisition of new skills and greater understanding becomes more important as you and your family goes through different phases of your lives. The skills needed to parent a child will be different for a teen or young adult. In the same way, your ability to influence your children will need greater creativity the older they become.  FamilyIQ will be here with you every step along that journey. This learning plan is completely confidential and will not be shared with anyone.