Product Overview

FamilyIQ has an extensive array of products that can improve your relationship and parenting skills and thereby strengthen your family. Our engaging content makes this learning process fun and easy to do. Please review the various products to see which of them you want to investigate further.


FamilyIQ is proud to make available all of our Resources to Members and to their retail customers. To take advantage of the FamilyIQ Resources, please contact a FamilyIQ Member, or if you need to locate one, please contact or simply call 949-709-1120.

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Product Packages

Family Builder Package  $1,495.00

This optional All-Inclusive package includes: FamilyIQ License Fee, My FamilyIQ Test (including eligibility for unlimited retakes), MyFamilyIQ Learning Plan, The Core 5 Program, Activities and Articles Library, E-Business Kit, Personal Marketing Website, a Back Office, 1 Free FamilyIQ Seminar, 1 Free FamilyIQ Workshop, and 20 Product Point good toward the purchase of FamilyIQ courses, tests, articles, and audio resources. An additional 20 FamilyIQ Product Bonus Points are awarded when you sign up for the AutoOrder Program.

As an IBO you can earn from all four compensation bonuses including Retail Sales, Fast Start Bonuses, Generational Fast Start Bonuses, and Unilevel Bonuses. As an IBO you are also eligible for wholesale pricing on FamilyIQ products.

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Express Package $395.00

This abbreviated All-Inclusive package includes: FamilyIQ License Fee, My FamilyIQ Test access to the MyFamilyIQ Learning Plan, E-Business Kit, Personal Marketing Website, and a Back Office.

As an IBO you can earn from all three compensation bonuses including Retail Sales, Fast Start Bonues on the Express Package, and Unilevel Bonuses. As an IBO you are also eligible for wholesale pricing on FamilyIQ.

Preferred Customer Package  $179.00

Includes the FamilyIQ License Fee and eligibility for Wholesale Pricing on FamilyIQ products.

Activity Sheets

FamilyIQ Activity Sheets provide families with fun ideas that will assist them in spending quality time together in nurturing activities. Developed to enhance and fortify areas of focus that families are currently interested in improving, these simple one-page instructions will add a special touch.

Cost: Free to FamilyIQ Members   


FamilyIQ provides targeted, brief and powerful articles that open the door to further discovery about how to strengthen all the relationships in your life. Reading from this extensive collection of resources can produce a wellspring of newfound knowledge that will positively impact your life.

Cost: Free to FamilyIQ Members 


FamilyIQ assessments are fun and informative. Designed to give greater awareness regarding a subject, principle or skill, our assessments also enlighten members with new perspectives. The results that are provided for your review are often eye opening and create a desire to learn more and take more tests!

Cost: Non-Member Price: $4; Member Price $2     [Shop Now]

Audio MP3

For the busy person on-the-go, FamilyIQ has entertaining and informative 20-50 minute downloadable audio presentations allowing you to learn while going about your day. Whether you are in the car, at the gym, or multi-tasking, learning how to strengthen your family relationships has never been more entertaining and convenient.

Cost: Non-Member Price $10; Member Price $5     [Shop Now]

Family Brand & Logo

Parents and families can gain a unifying power to build pride, shape behavior and draw closer together by identifying their family brand and creating their own family logo. This enlightening course can be purchased in our store. Have fun and make your own Family Brand at

The FamilyIQ Assessment Test

Using our revolutionary assessment based on nine key factors, FamilyIQ is the only organization that can tell you your own unique FamilyIQ score and give you one-of-a kind tools to help strengthen all your family relationships.

Cost: Non-Member Price: $1200; Member Price: $1000     Contact

Learning Style Analysis

FamilyIQ has made available the Learning Styles Analysis Test. This comprehensive test assesses a range of 25 different Learning Dimensions. The implications of knowing this information are wide and far-reaching in terms of enhancing study skills, problem-solving strategies, and improving academic and overall achievement.

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Online Courses

FamilyIQ maximizes online learning with interactive courses designed to provide awareness, increase knowledge and teach skills that are necessary for effective parenting and strong relationships. These 30-45 minute courses maximizes individual learning styles allowing you to assimilate information faster and with greater clarity.

Cost: Non-Member Price: $40; Member Price $20     [Shop Now]

Parent Coaching

For parents who would like extra help and support, FamilyIQ offers a Certified Parent Coach who will support you via telephone and encourage you in your efforts to improve your parenting skills and strengthen your family. FamilyIQ also offers a program of certification for people who are interested in becoming a Certified FamilyIQ Parent Coach.

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A two-hour face-to-face presentation given by Mark Hobbins or a member of the FamilyIQ Seminar Team that will cover topics pertaining to strengthening relationships and building stronger, happier families.

Cost: Non-Member Price: $50; Member Price: $25    Contact


During these half-day sessions,  participants will hear from Mark Hobbins and key members of our Advisory Team. These events provide concentrated instruction on either one or multiple subjects pertaining to the FamilyIQ content. Workshops are designed to produce a higher level of skill and understanding that will lead to greater happiness, unity, and order within the family.

Cost: Non-Member Price: $100; Member Price: $50   Contact


Check out the FamilyIQ Store for hard copies of FamilyIQ material. CDs of full 50-minute seminars are available, along with Courses on CD and other merchandise. Go to and find a treasure trove of material available for sale.