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Thousands of dollars of therapy have not provided the insights this short course did! - V. 

While generally very rewarding, the job of parenting can also be very frustrating. Most parents find, at one time or another that they just aren't equipped with the necessary tools to deal with some of their children's attitudes or behaviors. This website is such a wonderful resource for parents, providing tools to deal with so many situations and circumstances. I am grateful to have found this resource, and look forward to developing my skills and having more positive interactions with my teens. Thank you so much for what you are doing to help families. - Karene

This website and program has been a Godsend -- it has changed my life. I no longer feel so alone. THANK YOU! - Jessica G. 

This is great – I wish I knew about it four years ago! But it’s never too late and I’m putting it to good use now. - Cynthia S. 
"This site provides a wonderful set of resources for helping families overcome the challenges that we all sometimes face and for strengthening relationships among family members. The courses offered on the site are engaging, informative, and thought provoking. I truly believe that this program can be an important asset for many families and would encourage you to explore the wide range of offerings that are available." - Dr. David Rabiner, Senior Research Scientist, Duke University
This has been a wonderful resource for our family and it is great that you are available. I tell everyone I know to sign up. Thank you for providing a web site that addresses so many issues and offers so much help. - Sincerely, K.K. 
"The infinite wonders of the internet have no better illustration than this remarkable website. This terrific tool can allow parents to benefit directly and immediately from decades of research and experience with child rearing techniques and principles that can make family life better - more loving and happier. Parents will find that the website provides more information than the combined wisdom of dozens of good books on the subject at a very modest cost and in a more accessible and enjoyable format. Every conscientious parent and parent/educator/trainer/family therapist would benefit from using this site, often."
- Daniel S. Kirschenbaum, Ph.D. Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Northwestern University

The material is easy to follow and understand. I enjoy this type of online learning. - Theresa M.
I loved the courses and will continue to go back and use the program. I loved the way I progressed through the tests and courses, learning as I go along. – Nancy K.
I am a psychologist with a large practice in Texas. I recommend your website and program to my clients  . . . I am in complete agreement with your philosophy and methods. My clients and I love the program.
 - James M.

This is a cool gift!!  It’s hard to blend families.  My daughter had the hardest time accepting me dating and for him to try to relate to her.  This is a great gift!!  Strengthening families nowadays is especially important!!  Setting boundaries for kids and raising kids right are important and to work together!!  Thank you so much! -- S.