Personality: What's Your Color?

Are you a Red? Maybe a Blue? Many psychologists believe that each of us has a dominant personality type with traits unique to that type. The way we think, act and feel all play a part in defining our personality.

How well do you know yourself and others? How would you characterize your personality? Have you ever wondered why you get along with some people better than others?

Take this test to learn more about your personality type. Colors have been assigned for easy reference. Once you know your color, it’s an eye opening experience to see how your unique traits play out in life as compared to differing personalities. The better we understand ourselves and others, the more effective we can be in all our relationships.

Below are sixty word phrases that may or may not describe you. Click "YES" for the phrases that best characterize you. If you do not feel strongly about a phrase, check "NO.” For another perspective, you may wish to have your partner or someone who knows you well assess how he or she sees you. (This may lead to engaging conversations about how you perceive yourself in the world and how you are perceived by others).

FamilyIQ tests, scales, surveys and results are designed for self-assessment and are to be used only for the purposes of education and information. These analyses are not intended to be considered diagnostic or clinical instruments, nor are they a substitute for clinical evaluation or treatment.

1.Considered a risk taker
2.Detailed and prepared
4.Understanding and patient with others
6.Works well in crisis
7.Respects authority and rules
8.Service oriented
9.Seeks the Big Picture
10.Independent and not easily influenced
11.Dislikes personal conflict
12.Good at mediating
13. Energetic
14.Well organized
15.Likes learning
16.Works well with group/team
17.Values people before "The System."
18.Value competency in myself
19.Values time management
20.Views work as fun
21.Global in thinking
22.Good at multi-tasking
23.Persuasive and influencing
24.Direct communicator
26.Loyal employee or friend
27.Strong sense of right and wrong
28.Enjoys research/data
29.Independent thinker
30.Tends to be socially inclusive
31.Interested in spirituality
32.Implements policies/procedures
35.Dislikes poor social skills
36.Values harmony
37.Needs mobility and variety
38.Supportive and encouraging
39.Hands-on when solving problems
40.Strives for excellence
41.Tends to pick up after others
42.Values freedom
43.Strives for security
44.Dislikes small talk
45.Sensitive to needs of others
46.Welcomes and promotes change
47.Dislikes indecision
48.Values efficiency
49.Appreciates complexity
50.Skilled with relationships
51.Accurate and precise
52.Expresses emotions well
53.Need for recognition or achievement
54.Appreciates follow through
55.Seeks personal growth
56.Welcomes intellectual challenges
57.Makes decisions quickly
58.Needs closure
59.Prefers the theoretical
60.Optimistic outlook on life