Compatibility: Let's Face It

Are you and your partner remarkably similar or dissimilar in most areas of life? Maybe you’re something in between. If you like to go mountain climbing and your partner would rather read a book, does this indicate challenging irreconcilable differences? These opposite interests may actually be a wonderful opportunity for you to explore new activities where mutual enjoyment can be found. Enjoy the discovery!

Select an answer for each question based upon your relationship with your partner. This test is meant to be taken twice: once by you, and once by your partner. Print the results page for each of you, and then compare.

1.I am confident that my partner knows and shares my values.
2.I am confident that I know and share my partner’s values.
3.My partner and I openly discuss the differences in our values.
4.I talk openly to my partner about spirituality.
5.My partner and I share the same spiritual beliefs.
6.I know what my partner’s biggest dreams in life are.
7.My partner knows what my biggest dreams in life are.
8.My partner really listens and understands me better than anyone else.
9.My partner does not withdraw when we have a disagreement.
10.I can trust my partner to discuss a problem without criticizing me.
11.I can trust my partner not to blame me when things don’t go as planned.
12.I can trust my partner not to get defensive when I bring up problems.
13.My partner and I can handle disagreements without getting into big fights.
14.My partner easily apologizes to me when needed.
15.My partner touches and hugs me frequently.
16.My partner easily and frequently expresses love towards me in words.
17.My partner still surprises me by doing or saying romantic things.
18.My partner is still sexually attracted to me.
19.I am still sexually attracted to my partner.
20.My partner and I sometimes try out new things when making love.
21.My partner tells me what to do to increase sexual pleasure.
22.I am satisfied with my partner’s efforts to help around the house.
23.My partner and I share decision-making.
24.I am aware of and comfortable with my partner’s spending habits.
25.I know and approve of my partner’s saving habits.
26.I can trust my partner to make wise financial decisions.
27.I can trust my partner to make wise career decisions.
28.My partner and I plan and budget for vacations together.
29.Relaxation time is just as important to my partner as it is to me.
30.My partner and I agree on fun things to do together.
31.My partner and I share a hobby or interest.
32.My partner and I have similar needs for adventure.
33.My partner has introduced me to a hobby or interest that I genuinely enjoy.
34.My partner and I share goals.
35.I travel better with my partner than with anyone else I know.