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I am pleased to offer to you an enlightening and empowering tool from my business of helping individuals and parents build strong families. FamilyIQ products are designed by a team of national experts in the areas of marriage, parenting and family issues. We invite you to sample our available products and experience not only the enjoyment, but the added insights you will gain as a result. We are confident that you will come to see FamilyIQ as a trusted resource to help improve your parenting skills and build a stronger family.

Family Relationships - Band Aid or CPR?

This test will assist you in identifying those areas of your family’s health where a bandaid could be all you need to heal or if more serious attention is necessary.

Personality: What's Your Color?

How well do you know yourself and others? How would you characterize your personality? Have you ever wondered why you get along with some people better than others? The better we understand ourselves and others, the more effective we can be in all our relationships. Take this test to learn more about your personality type.

Partner Communication: Can We Talk?

There are times when partners need to know how to listen with their heart, as well as with their ears. Communication is more than hearing: Good communication is also listening and responding with our whole self. Find out if you are a good communicator or need to work on this aspect of your social skill set.

Warmth and Intimacy: Wall or Gate?

Intimacy is about more than just being physical. It also includes how comfortable we feel creating, pursuing and managing relationships of all types. For some, intimacy or the desire for close personal relationships can be affected by experiences in our life that motivate us to protect ourselves from being hurt. Take this test to find out if you have a wall around you or a gate for others to come through.

Compatibility: Let's Face It

This assessment will help you and your partner identify where potential concerns may exist or to validate how compatible you are.

Parenting Styles: What Fits

Parenting, just like individuals, can take on a style of it’s own. Take this test to find out your parenting style.

Family Closeness: Are We Having Fun Yet?

The measure of family adaptability, family maintenance, family strengths, family traditions and identity, family unity and bonding reflects the valuable hallmarks of a successful family. This test will allow you to take a look at how well your family scores with these hallmarks and will give you suggestions for becoming more successful in all of these areas.